The benefits of using PPN Source.

Discover the advantages for an organization to make PPN Source it's ally to propel its communications.

  • Visibility
    Much better media coverage of your event / organization.
  • Sharing
    An unmatched facility for the media to talk about your event / organization.
  • Quick broadcast
    Spread your news fast, everywhere on the planet.
  • Autonomy
    You become your own media and / or news agency.
  • Your PPN chain
    You can use your PPN Source channel as a media space for your website.
  • Notifications
    Great ability to notify as many media as you want in one click.
  • Bilingual
    Automatic bilingual broadcast.
  • Flexibility
    Easy to add and edit content.
  • Earnings
    Ability to earn income by selling your valuable exclusive photos / videos.
  • Savings
    Low cost of using the platform.
  • Innovation
    A modern approach that will mark the future of media broadcasting.
  • Environment
    PPN Source reduces travel and associated costs, which is good for the environment!